Living between Two Aggies – Bobcat Edition

This is the first in an on-going series of a quaint little street in Texas, inhabited by Techsans and Aggies. The setup is this: Aggie #1 to the East, Aggie #2 to my West, Techsan (me) sandwiched in the middle. Thankfully there are no die hard Longhorn fans near us…that is if you ignore Hector the goat roper who wears a Longhorn hat everywhere he goes, but I don’t think he’d be able to find Austin.
I must preface this by saying we are all a friendly bunch. We do small projects together, have a cold drink some evenings and give some slight ribbing when football season comes around, though I suspect that will die down once A&M gets deep into SEC play and interest wanes in this area. It is bound to happen…just ask any Arkansas fan about their departure from the SWC.

So, for Installment #1, we will discuss West Aggie hiring East Aggie (who was out of work) to build him a Split Rail fence to enclose his backyard. It was a grand venture with good ideas. And heck…East Aggie claims he owned a fence company at some point. What could go wrong? Only problem is…coming out of the 2011 drought, we are now in our wettest Spring in a long time. There is a seep in the backyard that stays wet and spongy for months after it rains.  One morning after another big rain the day before, the Aggies decided to spend $400 and rent a big ol’ hard-tired Skid Steer Bobcat to auger some post holes. Everything was going ok…until the Bobcat sunk to the frame. I caught up with them as they scratched their heads wondering how to get this 6300 lb machine out of a muddy bog. I knew a guy that lived close with a tractor and offered to pull it out, so I did. But they didn’t stop there…they went back to drilling and proceeded to get stuck 4 more times before they finally quit and swallowed the $400 for the rental that they were able to drill 7 holes.
This happened 2 months ago and there is still no fence built, but there are holes surrounded by stakes and orange construction fence to keep people from falling in the ill-timed holes. I hope they rinsed all the mud off before they returned the Bobcat…

Not once, not twice, not thrice...

Random thoughts from jackthegooner 2/15/12 edition

– Jeremy Lin – ESPN please stop it

– Valentines Day – jackthegooner got a bottle of Crystal Head vodka and gave flowers – I win

– TCU debacle – couldn’t happen to a coach I hate any more than Gary Patterson – I smiled – if 60 or 82 kids really did fail that drug test I may go to TCU for my masters and play a little football – I still have all of my eligibility.

– new Band of Skulls is okay – second LPs are always the hardest – so many expectations – would rather see you spend your bucks on the new Crooked Fingers “Breaks in the Armor”

– glad to see my buddies blogging

– Arsenal was terrible today from what I hear – I was busy at work and I guess I was more productive than Aaron F-ing Ramsey

– Tech Men’s Basketball – nevermind

I like beer.

And for my first post, I figure it should be about a beer I just tried last night.

Hop Head Red IPA from Green Flash Brewing in San Diego.
This is a bit of a strange one.  The smell of hops hits you right away but when poured it comes out looking like a red ale.  With the name “Hop Head” you want a heavy hop flavor, that wasn’t really there with this one.  Taste is much more sweet than what I was looking for but was good.
If you like big hoppy IPAs, this probably isn’t for you…unless you want a slight break from the norm.

Trouble at TCU?


Apparently, there is Big Trouble in Little Ft. Worth.  A D/FW local news station is reporting that there have been multiple arrests of TCU students, including several football players.  And word on the street is that it could include a very important player in their offense.  I’m not going to name the player, just in case the street is wrong, but if true, it could be devastating. The whispers also claim that a couple fraternity houses are involved as well

The following letter was sent out in an email to all students on campus this morning:

Dear Campus Community,

Early today the Fort Worth Police Department and TCU Campus Police concluded an investigation into drug selling on and around campus that unfortunately led to the arrest of many current TCU students.

While this news is certainly shocking and disappointing, it is important to remember that TCU has clear expectations for its students: that they behave in an ethical manner, abide by campus policies and adhere to state and federal law. These students are charged with acting in a manner that is incompatible with TCU values and against the law. That is simply unacceptable and such reported behavior is not tolerated at this University.

We have a responsibility to ensure that our campus environment is free of such behavior. Today’s actions highlight that responsibility. The students involved were immediately separated from TCU and criminally trespassed from campus. Further, according to University policy, students arrested and found in violation of distributing drugs are subject to immediate expulsion from TCU.

TCU has never before experienced a magnitude of student arrests such as this. In fact, Campus Police records show only five student arrests related to drug law violations in recent years. I have asked our vice chancellor for student affairs, Dr. Kathy Cavins-Tull, to examine whether any new programs or procedures need to be implemented to curtail this type of behavior in the future. The Fort Worth Police Department also has offered to help in these efforts.

Today’s events have forever changed the lives of the involved students, and we hope they will find a healthy way to move forward. Also, the next couple of weeks will be tough for the TCU family. There is no doubt that it will hurt to see our name associated with this type of behavior. But we must not allow this moment to define us. We must remember that we are overwhelmingly a community of dedicated students, faculty and staff and focused on changing the world through our collective work and commitment to leadership.


Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

Welcome to the Big XII, Froggies.

The food makes the day

SuperBowl Sunday wouldn’t be the same without the various foods and snacks that go so well with watching football.

Here’s a sampling of what was available at the Jimmy Leg Casa today:Hot wings made with Frank’s Red Hot sauce.  What else would you make it with?  Though we do add a secret spice concoction to the sauce.

Potato Skins with cheddar and bacon, with a little French Onion dip to dunk these little boats into.

And, of course, pizza!  Not as good as Cane Rosso pizza, but tasty none the less.

What do you like to have available for a nosh on Super Bowl Sunday?


I hope the Red Raiders actually wear these helmets this year.  With all the college teams moving to matte colored helmets, which I do like, this sets us apart from running with the pack.

But, I wouldn’t care if the team is wearing purple helmets with a My Little Pony logo, as long as they are winning.