Living between Two Aggies – Bobcat Edition

This is the first in an on-going series of a quaint little street in Texas, inhabited by Techsans and Aggies. The setup is this: Aggie #1 to the East, Aggie #2 to my West, Techsan (me) sandwiched in the middle. Thankfully there are no die hard Longhorn fans near us…that is if you ignore Hector the goat roper who wears a Longhorn hat everywhere he goes, but I don’t think he’d be able to find Austin.
I must preface this by saying we are all a friendly bunch. We do small projects together, have a cold drink some evenings and give some slight ribbing when football season comes around, though I suspect that will die down once A&M gets deep into SEC play and interest wanes in this area. It is bound to happen…just ask any Arkansas fan about their departure from the SWC.

So, for Installment #1, we will discuss West Aggie hiring East Aggie (who was out of work) to build him a Split Rail fence to enclose his backyard. It was a grand venture with good ideas. And heck…East Aggie claims he owned a fence company at some point. What could go wrong? Only problem is…coming out of the 2011 drought, we are now in our wettest Spring in a long time. There is a seep in the backyard that stays wet and spongy for months after it rains.  One morning after another big rain the day before, the Aggies decided to spend $400 and rent a big ol’ hard-tired Skid Steer Bobcat to auger some post holes. Everything was going ok…until the Bobcat sunk to the frame. I caught up with them as they scratched their heads wondering how to get this 6300 lb machine out of a muddy bog. I knew a guy that lived close with a tractor and offered to pull it out, so I did. But they didn’t stop there…they went back to drilling and proceeded to get stuck 4 more times before they finally quit and swallowed the $400 for the rental that they were able to drill 7 holes.
This happened 2 months ago and there is still no fence built, but there are holes surrounded by stakes and orange construction fence to keep people from falling in the ill-timed holes. I hope they rinsed all the mud off before they returned the Bobcat…

Not once, not twice, not thrice...

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