Random thoughts from jackthegooner 2/15/12 edition

– Jeremy Lin – ESPN please stop it

– Valentines Day – jackthegooner got a bottle of Crystal Head vodka and gave flowers – I win

– TCU debacle – couldn’t happen to a coach I hate any more than Gary Patterson – I smiled – if 60 or 82 kids really did fail that drug test I may go to TCU for my masters and play a little football – I still have all of my eligibility.

– new Band of Skulls is okay – second LPs are always the hardest – so many expectations – would rather see you spend your bucks on the new Crooked Fingers “Breaks in the Armor”

– glad to see my buddies blogging

– Arsenal was terrible today from what I hear – I was busy at work and I guess I was more productive than Aaron F-ing Ramsey

– Tech Men’s Basketball – nevermind

The food makes the day

SuperBowl Sunday wouldn’t be the same without the various foods and snacks that go so well with watching football.

Here’s a sampling of what was available at the Jimmy Leg Casa today:Hot wings made with Frank’s Red Hot sauce.  What else would you make it with?  Though we do add a secret spice concoction to the sauce.

Potato Skins with cheddar and bacon, with a little French Onion dip to dunk these little boats into.

And, of course, pizza!  Not as good as Cane Rosso pizza, but tasty none the less.

What do you like to have available for a nosh on Super Bowl Sunday?


I hope the Red Raiders actually wear these helmets this year.  With all the college teams moving to matte colored helmets, which I do like, this sets us apart from running with the pack.

But, I wouldn’t care if the team is wearing purple helmets with a My Little Pony logo, as long as they are winning.